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deep tissue massage for bodybuilders
deep tissue massage for bodybuilders

7 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage for Bodybuilders

How is deep tissue massage for bodybuilders according to you essential? Among the many benefits of deep tissue massage you know, it does improve flexibility, enhancing their workout. In order to know why massage for bodybuilders is essential, let us first understand what is bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding refers to exercising heavily and training yourself to develop your muscles. It involves weight lifting, using gym equipment for exercising, jogging or running and intake of extra calories, steroids or drugs too.

Adding deep tissue massage to this routine enhances the process even more.

Let’s see how!


»» What is Deep Tissue Massage?

It is a technique of giving a strong massage to break knots and adhesion deep within the layers of your muscles and tissues. These knots may be formed with a lack of exercise or due to an injury. If there are any scars formed, deep tissue massage will break down the scar tissues too.  This makes the muscles flexible like before.

So far, I could explain one point of view on the benefits of deep tissue massage for bodybuilders, that is, flexibility. Let’s look into the other benefits too.

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massage tools for bodybuilders

»» What are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage for Bodybuilders ?


massage for athletes

  1. Improves Blood Circulation:

    This is essential for weight lifting. The knots on the muscles actually break when the flow of fresh blood rushes on to it. Any damage caused to muscles due to weight lifting or any other strenuous exercise goes with improved blood flow.

  2. Detoxifies You:

    When knots are formed, it holds a lot of toxins within. When you break these knots through massage therapy, these toxins are released which are later flushed out of the body, provided you drink sufficient water.

    You just need to know what to do after a massage to enhance this process. After all, bodybuilding demands complete fitness, not just a six-pack!

  3. Gives Pain Relief:

    Did you know most of the body pain originates in the muscles and soft tissues of the body?

    Even the roots of a headache lie in the muscles of your upper back. Heavy exercise and training leads to a lot of muscle pain, especially in the beginning stage. Deep tissue massage increases the level of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers which eliminate pain faster.

  4. Improves Mobility:

    Stiffness and tightness of muscles will cause difficulty in exercising and workout. If you start deep tissue massage therapy at an early stage of bodybuilding, it will really help you gain flexibility faster as the movement of muscles and joints becomes easier.

  5. Builds You Up:

    Now your main motive here is to have a physique like that of James Bond. This requires your muscles to be loose, not tight. Deep tissue massage technique involves pumping which creates a vacuum in the blood vessels, allowing greater flow of fresh blood which tone your muscles well.

    So, in a way if you see, bodybuilding is incomplete without deep tissue massage!
    bodybuilding massage

  6. Gives You Sound Sleep:

    Exercise and weight lifting is not all that a bodybuilder requires. You need to give your body the required amount of rest too.

    Massage not only deeply relaxes the body; it works upon your muscles that does make you feel tired. Since your stress hormones are reduced, you are able to sleep better.

  7. Helps You Perform Better:

    In the end, you aren’t just doing bodybuilding to attract girls, are you?

    Deep tissue massage will tone up your muscles to an extent that it will prevent injuries that occur due to heavy workout or sports activity. So, say suppose you’re an athlete, you will end up running faster because you have more energy and flexibility in your body now.
    There are just so many benefits of massage for athletes.


»» Sports Massage for Bodybuilders


Why do you think I’m mentioning about sports massage here?

Sports massage is very similar to deep tissue massage but not the same. If you are into bodybuilding because you’re active in sports, you can consider this massage too.

Now when I say similar, it doesn’t mean they’re the same!

People involved in heavy physical activity are also involved with heavy injuries. Even once they heal, they form tight knots on your muscles causing stiffness and immobility.

A sports massage is stronger than a deep tissue massage that will break these knots to heal you completely.

So, if you’ve ever faced an injury but never got a massage before, you may consider a sports massage for yourself. Though I will always advice you to ask your doctor before you take such steps.

»» What is a Better Massage for Bodybuilders: Deep Tissue or Sports?


Now that I gave you a brief mention of sports massage, you might be confused what to go for. Here’s how I can explain which massage is suitable for you:

Deep Tissue Massage Sports Massage
Breaks newly formed muscle knots, adhesion and scar tissues. A stronger version of deep tissue massage, breaking older muscle knots and scar tissues.
Ideal to prevent injuries and cure minor injuries. Ideal to prevent and cure major injuries.
Ideal at the beginning stage. Ideal at a later stage.


I hope that made it clearer to you why you can consider sports massage for bodybuilding. You won’t need a sports massage all the time. Once the old knots are gone, you can continue therapy with a deep tissue massage too. It all depends on the condition of your body.

Now deep tissue massage can make or break your body. Either you go to a qualified professional, or buy a deep tissue massage device under the guidance of your doctor.

Don’t do it otherwise, or you might end up bruising yourself!

Bodybuilding looks like hard work: a strict diet, going to the gym, and rigorous training.

Doesn’t a massage in between make things easy on you?

deep massage for muscle growth
deep massage for muscle growth

»» Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Is massage good for building muscle?

    Yes, it is excellent for building muscles. It will free them from knots, adhesion, scar tissues and tightness. In fact, workout is to be complemented by inculcating massage in your daily routine for all the benefits mentioned above.

  2. Why do bodybuilders get deep tissue massages?

    A. Bodybuilders get deep tissue massages because heavy exercising will lead to the formation of lactic acid and that can be flushed out through massage with other toxins.

  3. Which massage is best for bodybuilding?

    A. Deep tissue massage is best for bodybuilding as it enhances the process very well. However, if you are an active sportsperson, a sports massage can also be considered. If you have never got an injury, deep tissue massage is sufficient. If you’ve had a serious injury but never gotten a massage before, your doctor might recommend a sports massage for you.

  4. How often do bodybuilders get massages?

    A. Since a bodybuilder is physically active, once a week is enough. If you’re an athlete or player, you might even need it twice a week. It all depends on your profession, routine and body condition. At the initial level, one needs more sessions. Once the body is accustomed and fit, the number of sessions start reducing.

  5. Is it OK to get a massage after lifting weights?

    A. Yes, it is in fact better to get a massage done after your work out. Once you get a massage, you have to restrain from hardcore physical activity for 24 hours.

  6. Are massages good for bodybuilders?

    A. Massage complements bodybuilding. It makes the process faster and simpler. It keeps you fit, flexible and well rested too.

  7. Can deep tissue massage build muscle?

    A. Deep tissue massage actually tones up your muscles. Any knots or scar tissues that restrict the movement of muscles are broken down. This stretches the muscles and gives it the right shape and comfort. Then, building up the muscle becomes an easier process.

  8. Does massaging your muscles make them bigger?

    A. Massage leads to overall growth in your body as the size of mitochondria However, your muscles won’t get bigger like they do during weight lifting.

  9. What does massage do to the muscles?

    A. Massage rejuvenates the muscles. Due to incorrect postures, strenuous exercise, injuries and inactivity, knots form on your muscles which are released with the help of massage. As a result, they become more flexible and loose.

  10. Should you workout after a deep tissue massage?

    A. You should restrain from physical activity till 24 hours after a deep tissue massage. Allow your body to complete the process of detoxification that takes place after the massage.

  11. Is it bad to massage a pulled muscle?

    A. Yes, it can make the muscle worse if you stretch it. When you get a muscle pull, let it subside for some time. Once you’re ok, under your doctor’s advice you can get a massage to heal the damages.

  12. Can massaging sore muscles make it worse?

    A. No, massage can relax sore muscles. Massage therapy reduces inflammation, breaks down scar tissues and knots, hence reducing soreness and pain. Your muscles might feel a bit too stretched and a bit painful as it’s worked upon, but in the long run, it will benefit you.


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