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benefits of deep tissue massage for athletes
benefits of deep tissue massage for athletes

What are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage for Athletes?

What can be the special benefits of deep tissue massage for athletes? If you are one, you’ll understand why you need to include massage in your routine after reading this article. Not only will you learn about the scientific benefits of a massage, you will also understand why deep tissue massage is considered as the best massage for athletes.

Have you ever lost a race for getting cramps while running? Deep tissue massage prevents cramps and injuries. It is the reason why massage therapy is gaining importance in their routine.

In order to increase your speed and keep fit, you have to work out regularly. It takes a lot of exercising to improve flexibility. However, when this work out and exercise is complemented with a deep tissue massage, you can benefit a lot more.

Does this mean that you get a massage done whenever you’re tired after a workout or race? No! Don’t even think about taking such risks. Deep tissue massage works very scientifically and intensely. It will work reversely on you if you don’t maintain a gap between a massage and heavy physical activity.

  • If you are getting a massage done before a race: Book your session or self-massage 2-3 days before the race.
  • After a deep tissue massage, avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
  • If you want a massage after a race or work out: Do it after 1-2 days.

In general, there are many benefits of a deep tissue massage for everyone. However, it also has special benefits for athletes and sports persons. Let’s take a look at them.


7 Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage for Athletes

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  1. Prevents Injuries and Cramps: Deep tissue massage opens up tight knots and gets all your muscles moving. Any injury or cramp that might occur due to running is prevented as your muscles are prepared for increased mobility.
  2. Energizes You More: In the end, an athlete needs energy to improve speed. If you get a massage done a day or 2 after an intense work out, not only will you muscles get rid of tight knots, they will enlarge too. This leads to the growth of mitochondria, the part of the cell that converts nutrients into energy.
  3. Heals Injuries: Suppose you don’t get massages done and do get an injury during a race. 2 days later, if you get a deep tissue massage done, it will help you recover faster and you will be cured soon enough to resume heavy physical activity. You might even be cured instantly depending on the injury you have. Just make sure you take your doctor’s advice when you go for it.
  4. Boosts Oxygen and Blood Flow: When muscles are pressed upon with strength, it triggers the flow of fresh, oxygenated blood into the knots which will release them. As the knots break, there is more space for fresh blood to flow, improving circulation level in the body.
  5. Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure: A common problem that any runner tends to face is increased heart beat and blood pressure. After you run, you can listen to your heart beat, it is that fast. However, it should calm down once you rest. Regular massage sessions will ensure to regulate that.
  6. Helps You Sleep Better: Massage is known to reduce stress levels and deeply relax the body. There are times when you are physically tired but can’t sleep. This is due to the mind still being in stress. Massage reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone in the body. This relaxes both the body as well as the mind.
  7. Makes You a Better Runner: If you are fit, flexible and fast, it is all you need to be a good athlete. Of course, your dedication is required, which comes with including warm up, workout, exercise and massage in your routine. Once or twice a week, get a deep tissue massage done to keep you muscles flexible and free of pain.

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Deep Tissue Massage VS Sports Massage


Does deep tissue massage for an athlete sound the same as sports massage to you? Well, there’s a thin line between the two. Let’s take a look at their definitions to understand better.

What is deep tissue massage?

As the name suggests, deep tissue massage refers to the application of pressure on the deeper layers of tissues in the body. The scientific benefit of this massage is that it releases tension and scar tissues between muscles and fascia (a covering around your muscles). This makes the body more flexible and prevents unwanted injuries. It can release little knots formed in the muscles too. It is more of a preventive measure, though it can cure minor injuries too.

You can choose to go to a therapist for a massage or buy a self massage tool or machine under your doctor’s advice. For saving on your budget, you can check out TheraFlow Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager.

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What is sports massage ?

This is a stronger and riskier version of deep tissue massage. A sports person is more prone to injuries than normal human beings for obvious reasons. These injuries cause big, strong knots on the muscles. Since it is a stronger massage, the masseuse needs to have the expertise to not damage any delicate tissues while working upon your stiff muscles.

As the name suggests, the massage applies to only active sports persons. It is usually done as a healing therapy after an injury, also preventing a new one.

Why is Sports Massage Important for an Athlete?

An athlete undoubtedly faces more injuries than a normal human being. Whether during training or during a race, you must have faced an injury at some point in your career. These injuries leave behind strong and tight knots on your muscles, leading to stiffness and pain.

A sports massage will release these knots that are caused due to injuries. Having more strength and expertise than a deep tissue massage, it is important to get it done from a qualified professional or a certified sports massage device. If you use a self-massage device, make sure you do so under your doctor’s guidance.

What are the Overall Scientific Benefits of a Massage?

Overall, following are the scientific benefits of a massage:

  • It removes adhesion between the muscles and tissues.
  • It breaks down scar tissues.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It improves flexibility and mobility.
  • It deeply relaxes the body.

Deep tissue massage is not all about relaxation. It also works upon your muscles and tissues to keep you fit. Isn’t it convenient to inculcate something that provides both relaxation and fitness in your routine?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are deep tissue massages good for athletes?

A. Yes, deep tissue massages are ideal for athletes. If an athlete includes it in his routine since the very beginning of his career, he probably won’t require sports massage therapy. If done properly following guidelines on how often it should be done, it will keep you fit and fine. Only, you should be careful when you get such massages done. Make sure your doctor knows about it and learn what you should do after a deep tissue massage.

2. Should you workout after a deep tissue massage?

A. Not for 24 hours. Deep tissue massage isn’t all about relaxation. It works on your muscles and tissues deeply. Your body will undergo changes and needs rest after these tissues are worked upon. Any heavy physical activity should start gradually.

3. How is sports massage different from deep tissue?

A. Sports massage is stronger than deep tissue massage. As mentioned above, it can cure bigger and stronger knots formed over a long period of time as compared to deep tissue massage. Any newly formed knots can be cured by deep tissue massage. Tension created due to injuries is released by sports massage. The overall effects of both are more or less the same, but the intensity of pressure varies.

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4.What happens after a deep tissue massage?

A. There are both positive and negative after effects of a deep tissue massage. A lot of your muscles are worked upon which never got attention before. Since heavy work is done upon your muscles, you might feel slight pain. This lasts only for a day or two. You will also feel tired and sleepy. Just eat healthy, drink lots of water and relax to allow the massage to show more of its positive effects.

5.What is a more appropriate massage for athletes: deep tissue or sports massage?

Both are ideal for athletes. Deep tissue massage is the best massage for athletes  who are just beginning their career. This is because it will make them fit and flexible since the very beginning, preventing serious injuries. Sports massage therapy breaks knots formed due to injuries and prevents them too. If you have faced an injury before, you should get it done under your doctor’s advice.

6.What should I do after a deep tissue massage?

Don’t you start running after a deep tissue massage! You need to rest for at least 24 hours after which you can resume light exercise. You can run after 3-4 days. In your rest period, drink lots of water, eat vitamin rich foods and relax with some bath salts in your tub.

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