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benefits of prenatal massage

What Are The Benefits of Prenatal Massage?

Women from all over the world want to know about the benefits of prenatal massage. Prenatal massage is particularly designed for women during the gestational period. A proper prenatal massage is a kind of treatment for a pregnant woman. A short session of massage will ensure that the benefits of pregnancy massage.

A pregnancy massage aid recovery from a high amount of stress, muscle pain and aches. The benefits of prenatal massage are you will get rid of all kinds of pain. The prenatal massage techniques are no way harmful to a mother and her developing fetus if it is suggested by a doctor or, a specialist.

Pregnancy is the time when you really need to take care of yourself. Prenatal massage therapy is one of the best things in prenatal care. Because during pregnancy a woman goes through a lot of sciatic pain, joint pain, leg cramps, headache, etc. And the benefits of pregnancy massage is it helps you get rid of those discomforts without the use of medication.

Prenatal massage therapy is completely different from regular massage. The biggest way it differs is that the person receiving the massage is pregnant. If you are looking for a pregnancy massage make sure the therapist is certified in prenatal massage.


 Top 10 Benefits of Prenatal Massage


The most important benefits of pregnancy massage are the relief of muscle pain, reduction of anxiety and lowering the amount of potentially harmful stress hormones. It can also help alleviate aches. It can increase blood flow and keep your lymphatic system working at peak efficiency.

A proper and regular prenatal massage not only reduces stress but also relieve insomnia and swelling in your hand and feet – all common pregnancy problems.

There are many types of massage therapies are available for pregnant ladies. Women can take advantage of this as per their needs. According to research, foot massage, leg massage, belly massage, head massage, shoulder massages are completely safe and suitable for pregnant women.

Here we are showing some benefits of pregnancy massage for the gestational period.

  • Increase Blood Circulation: The first benefit of prenatal massage is it increases blood circulation which can reduce swelling. It is really an alternative to the reduction of stress. It also helps in relaxing the nervous tension. A prenatal massage helps in relieving stress or anxiety due to changes in the hormones.
  • Reduce Heartburn: The second benefit of pregnancy massage is it reduce heartburn during pregnancy. During pregnancy our digestive system becomes sluggish. And this is the main reason for constipation and heartburn. A message will help you to reduce these symptoms.
  • Alleviate Pain and Aches: The third benefit of pregnancy massage is it helps to decrease pain and aches that a pregnant woman suffering throughout the gestational period. It especially reduces lower back pain, foot pain, neck, and hips pain. The lower and upper back pain during pregnancy is very common. A massage can help to loosen tight muscles that help relieve tension in the back.
  • Promotes Better Sleep: It helps to reduce insomnia, which is a common problem for all pregnant ladies. It reduces your stress hormone Cortisol which promotes a better sleep to all pregnant ladies.
  • Anemia During Pregnancy: Massage helps to decrease iron deficiency. This is caused due to insufficient hemoglobin in the blood. Proper iron intake and a massage will help raise the blood count and produce extra hemoglobin.
  • Migraines and Headaches: Pregnancy massage helps relieve tension which is one of the major causes of headache. It also caused by hormonal action or stress on the head.
  • Makes Feet Healthier: Foot massage helps remove toxins and reduce swelling. Leg cramps and edema is a common problem for a pregnant lady and that’s why foot massage during pregnancy is so much important.
  • Stretch Marks: The next benefit of pregnancy massage is if you use a nourishing oil during the massage it can help moisturize and soothe the skin.
  • Sciatic Pain: It can reduce sciatic pain. During the gestational period a woman may suffer from sciatic pain down and back of the thigh. A gentle massage can relieves this pain easily.
  • Make Feel Healthier: Pregnancy massage makes you feel healthier during pregnancy. It can help alleviate a lot of fear from a future mom.

What Is Prenatal Massage?

benefits of pregnancy massage

The definition of prenatal massage should be known to all pregnant ladies.  Prenatal massage is a type of massage that done to pregnant ladies throughout pregnancy. Prenatal massage therapy is very helpful for both mother and fetus. It is specially tailored to the needs of pregnant women.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes various changes. The abdomen grows outwards and our center of gravity shifts outwards that realigns our center of gravity over our hips and these are the causes of discomfort during pregnancy.

Studies indicate that therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve the overall health of a pregnant woman. It can be a helpful component of women’s pregnancy period.

What to Expect a Pregnant Lady From a Prenatal Massage?


Prenatal massage- what to expect, is a common question of all pregnant ladies? When a woman becomes pregnant she needs love, care, and special attention. A healthy touch is very important for a mom and fetus during pregnancy. Prenatal massage is one of those kinds.

Prenatal massage enhances the muscles and joints, improves natural body tone and relieves mental stress. It gives you the ability to unwind and feel comfortable during the period of physical and mental stress.

On the other side, it can be a pleasurable experience for a mom to be. This massage can help to alleviate a lot of fear that pregnant women have. Prenatal massage is essential to a mum who is worried about her growing body and going to give birth to a beautiful child.

I think a pregnant woman can expect a stress- free gestational period through a prenatal massage.

What to Expect From Prenatal Massage in Short:

  • Reduce pain and aches
  • Reduce heartburn
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Remove sciatic pain
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Makes feet healthier
  • Help to stop insomnia
  • Reduce muscle tension

Do’s and Don’ts of Prenatal Massage


We have already discussed the benefits of pregnancy massage. Here we have some things to keep in mind. It is very important to know do’s and don’ts of prenatal massage before starting a massage session.

  Do’s of Prenatal Massage:

  •  Position of The Body During Massage: The sitting position works really well for prenatal massage. You can freely use a pregnancy massage table. It is very helpful for a pregnant woman.
  • Massage Types:  Belly massage, leg massage, head massage, and shoulder massages are completely safe for pregnant women. Our research shows that foot massage during pregnancy works really well.
  • Drink Fluid Before and After:  A pregnant women’s need more fluid during a massage session. Because massages can dehydrate our body.  Don’t forget to keep a bottle of water by your side.
  • Massage Oils: you can use coconut/ sunflower/ olive/ mustard oil for prenatal massage. You can also use a gentle moisturizer for massage.
  • Massage Tool: Pregnancy massage tools are very helpful for a pregnancy massage session. You can freely use massage tools as per your physician.
  • Massage Timing:  A prenatal massage should last for about 1 hour a day, not more than that. If you go for a self- massage, try to do it before the bath. It will help you to connect with your baby.


Don’ts of Prenatal Massage:

  • Body Position: as per our research, a pregnant woman should not lie on her stomach. This can cause pain in the mid-section and pelvic area.
  • Best Timing for Massage: The first trimester of pregnancy is not suitable for prenatal massage. It may increase the risk of miscarriage. During the second and third trimester, you can take your prenatal massage.
  • Well Trained Massage Therapist: before taking massage make sure your massage therapist should be certified and well- trained in the technique of prenatal massage.
  • Consult a Physician:  Prenatal massage therapy in no way harmful if it is suggested by a physician or, a gynecologist. If you have high blood pressure or diabetic do consult with your doctor before doing the pregnancy massage.
  • Massage Oils: Never use certain oils like oregano, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, sage. These are not appropriate for prenatal massage.
  • Guide Your Therapist:  Guide your therapist regarding the pressure. Tell them to use gentle stroke as is comfortable for you.
  • If You Feel Unwell: If you feel unwell while taking massage, stop it immediately. If you suddenly feel faint, dizzy or, unwell tell your therapist to stop.


What Are the Benefits of Leg Massage During Pregnancy?


A majority of pregnant women suffering from leg pains during pregnancy. Due to fluid retention, your arms and legs are swelling. We know there are acupressure points in the legs, ankles that correspond to our reproductive system. So, it is important to consult with a physician before doing a leg massage during pregnancy.

  • Increase Blood Flow:

Increase blood flow means leg massage stimulates blood circulation. It can treat for swelling and help to reduce issues like varicose veins. The Varicose vain is an extremely common occurrence among pregnant women. It is one of the solutions to get rid of it.

  • Reduce Water Retention:

Reduce water retention is another benefit of leg massage. During pregnancy your size doubles due to water weight. Performing a simple activity is not easy for you during that time. Leg massage helps to reduce fluid retention which helps you lose weight and makes your movement easier.

All in all, massage is one of the natural approaches you can take during the gestational period. You can do self- massage as per your physician. For that, you need to know about best self massage tools for prenatal massage. I hope this will be useful to you.

 What Are The Benefits of Foot Massage During Pregnancy?


During pregnancy, a woman often feels like minor pain throughout the body. Your experience is particularly painful if it involves your feet. Most women suffer from foot swelling during pregnancy. Due to foot massage during pregnancy, these swelling can be relieved.

According to research, the second and third trimester of pregnancy period is a suitable time for a foot massage. Before starting a foot massage therapy, you should consult a doctor.

In addition, a pregnant lady should know about the benefits of foot massage.

  • Reduce swelling of foot during pregnancy, it is the best benefit of foot massage. This is extremely essential for first- time mothers who are very concerned about their healthy delivery.
  • Massage can help boost their moods and deliver babies that are absolutely healthy. It really helps strengthen the bond between the mom and the baby.  It can also increase flexibility and muscle tone of a pregnant woman.

Few people told that it is unsafe to have a foot massage during pregnancy because of acupressure points. According to research, a general foot massage will cause no harm to you or your baby. But some areas should be avoided during the foot massage session. These (SP6 acupressure point, urinary bladder 60, urinary bladder 67) points should be avoided during a prenatal massage.

What Are The Benefits of Head Massage During Pregnancy?


A head massage during pregnancy is no way harmful. Most of the women often suffer headaches during pregnancy. We all know that there is nothing better than massage for bad headaches. And the best thing is there are no contraindication points on the head.

Head massage promotes deep relaxation to you and your baby. A proper head massage ease headaches in a natural way. At the later stage of pregnancy, the pain and aches are constantly increasing. So try to start a massage during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

What Are The Benefits of Belly Massage During Pregnancy?


A belly massage during pregnancy is very helpful for a mother and the baby also. A new study confirms that fetuses respond powerfully to belly touches it also makes them feel good.

It will not only help you but also your little relax well. A gentle rubbing on your belly is no way harmful to you and your baby. Don’t try to do this yourself. Tell someone else to do it, or you can appoint a massage therapist for that.

The best direction of massage will give you the best result. On the other hand, it reduces the problem of constipation.


What Are The Benefits of Shoulder Massage During Pregnancy?


Shoulder massage during pregnancy is quite beneficial for a woman. Because there are so many changes that take place on the shoulder joint. It is a cause of shoulder pain. It may also be caused by the adjustment of a sleeping posture.

A shoulder massage can help keep your neck and shoulder muscles relaxed. It also reduces the stiffness of muscle. But keep in mind that some acupressure points need not t be stimulated. The second trimester is the best time for shoulder massage.

You should consult your doctor before having a shoulder massage. And don’t forget to appoint a certified massage therapist for neck and shoulder massage.

What is The Pregnancy Massage Contraindication?


We all know pregnancy massage is very useful for a woman but there is a number of contraindication that should be considered first. Pregnancy massage contraindication should be known to all.

  • High-Risk Pregnancy: prenatal massage is contraindicated for high- risk pregnancies. It may increase the chance of miscarriage.
  • Cramping or Bleeding: pregnancy massage is contraindicated for woman’s who are suffering from cramping and abdominal pain.
  • Recurrent Abortion: massage is contraindicated for a woman who has a history of recurrent abortion.
  • Placental Abnormality and Uterus Surgery: pregnancy massage is contraindicated for those women who have a medical record of placental abnormality and uterus surgery.
  • Late Pregnancy: if you have conceived too late and after many attempts, prenatal massage is contraindicated for you.
  • Vein Consideration: pregnancy massage is contraindicated for women with a history embolism or varicose vein.
  • First Trimester: abdominal massage is totally contraindicated for 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Best Tools For Pregnancy Massage:

Massage Table

We have already discussed the benefits of prenatal massage. It’s time to know about the best pregnancy massage tools. There are many massage tools available in the market. But you have to know which massage tools are best for you.

Our research team is recommended some best massage tools for you. Our research team has put all these prenatal massage tools into the top 10 list. You can trust on these pregnancy massage tools are recommended by our specialist.

pregnancy massage table


  • The Best Pregnancy Massage Table

There are many pregnancy massage tables available in the market. But all pregnancy massage tools are not suitable for prenatal massage. You have to choose the best pregnancy massage tables for you.

As per our research, if you choose a certified therapist and the best massage table, it is no way harmful to you. Our research team is recommended some best massage tables for you. You can trust on these pregnancy tables recommended by our specialist.

  • Best Pregnancy Massage Pillow

A pregnancy massage pillow is a much-needed thing for prenatal massage. It supports the healthy alignment of your spine and pelvis. You may also put a pillow underneath your belly to support against gravity and reduce rolling forward.

A massage pillow really helps you feel comfortable during the massage.

Now the big question is, which massage pillow is suitable for you? Our search team comes with enough information in this regard. You can trust on these pillows that are recommended for our specialist.

pregnancy massage Pillow



At the conclusion of the session, suggest that all the mothers should know the benefits of prenatal massage. And it is no way harmful if it suggested by a doctor or a specialist. And don’t forget to appoint a massage specialist for pregnancy massage. You should not compromise with those issues. Because it is the most beautiful and precious time for a mother.


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