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how to massage lower back by yourself

How To Massage Lower Back By Yourself?

Do you suffer from health uneasiness especially in the lower back of your body often? If yes, then self-massage is the best way. But obviously, you should know how to massage lower back by yourself with lower back massage techniques.

It is sure and certain that you are very busy all the time in a day either with your homework or work in your office and unable to take a massage by yourself. Do not worry. One effective way waits for you.

To keep your health fit and free from trouble, it is the best way to take massager that works for your health during your working time. That means massager keeps your body fit without stopping your regular activity.


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But one thing you need to remember that self-massage is the best way to keep your health active free of cost. Even you can keep your body fit without harassing your regular work. In that case, you should know the process of massaging. Take a look at the below details.


How To Massage Lower Back By Yourself?

Cause of lower back pain

The lower back becomes tight or sore for many reasons. If you take a long time seat in a chair, then your lower back surely comes tight. Even the cause for tightness of lower back can be lifted over a sink, jumping with heavy materials bending your knees or running on high and low ground.

Whatever the cause of the lower back pain, you need to take self-massage for lower back pain from your side in a systematic way. Through some techniques, you can be able to do the massages by yourself.

  • With a tennis ball against the wall – You just put a tennis ball between a wall and your back and press your back on the ball. Even you need to move the ball up and down against the wall.

But one thing you need to remember that you should not press the ball if you have extreme pain on your back. In that case, you should go to your house physician.

  • With a tennis ball on the floor – Just you lay down on the floor keeping your back against the floor. Keep a tennis ball between the floor and your back. Press the ball with your back against the floor. From time to time, you need to do movement upwards and downwards often.


Best Massage For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common problem in every human. According to research, 80 percent of aged people globally suffer from lower back pain.

The people suffer from pain in the lower back due to sitting in bus, car or office desk at a stretch and as a result of that, the lower portion of the spine gets a bulk pressure day after day.

There are many massage therapy for lower back pain and even the massages are less expensive and free from risk than the surgery.

Though, you can see exercise, physical therapy, medication as the superb potential for chronic low back pain, massage is completely different and unique from all others.

It is true to say that massage is the best curative way to reduce pain in the lower back but it is undoubtedly a longer-term treatment process. According to the studies, 75 percent of patients from lower back pain has got success after receiving only 10-week massages.


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Deep Tissue Massage For Lower Back Pain

Low back pain can go out from your physical part through deep tissue massage. But before you get in touch with deep tissue massage, you need to know about that particular massage. Go through the details mentioned below.

  • What is a deep-tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is effective massage therapy. It treats the patients from entering into deeper layers of muscles. It is superbly helpful for chronic aches and pains, stiff neck, muscle tightness including low back pain.

  • How does deep tissue treatment for low back pain?

Deep tissue massage has a curative power to minimize lower back pain. It reduces tension and stiffness in neck, sore shoulders and loosens the tight muscles in legs and arms.

  • The process of Deep Tissue Massage

If you have chronic pain in the lower back, then you need to do the massage in such a way that muscle gets loosened from every tissue. To make the massage effective, you have to know how to massage lower back.


Prostate Massage For Lower Back Pain

Prostate massage is one of the best massage processes that provide you soothe in lower back pain. Even it reduces the pain in some lower physical locations.

How does prostate massage work?

Prostatic massage helps to clean the duct in prostatic. Generally, massaging produces a secretion of fluid. The fluid helps to clear the duct from the prostatic completely. That means this particular massage gives prostatic a long life.


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Lower Back Massager With Heat

Lower back massager with heat is a type of cushion with 12 strong 3D deep nodes. It rotates bi-directionally to reduce your lower pain and keep the good blood circulation in the tight muscle.

As the massager provides heat with the best stroking, muscle easiness with comfort comes to the patients within a short period.

  • Benefits of back massage

According to research, massage therapy provides different valuable health benefits for the sufferings  from back pain. But what benefits do come to the sufferers? Take a look.

  1. Back massage increases the blood circulation in muscles and tissues.
  2. It reduces tension in the depth of muscles.
  3. Back massages increase endorphin levels and make the brain active.
  4. Patients get comfort with a lot.


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Back Massage Techniques Pressure Points

To take the massage for lower back pain, you have two main pressure points. You can do the pressure on the back with your waist.

In that case, you just stand up and hold your waist with your hands in such a way that your back comes under your thumbs. Keeping your thumbs in that place, just give a circular motion using pressure for some seconds.


Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain

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The massage chair is one of the best ways to provide relaxation in your muscles. It stimulates the blood circulation in the surrounding of your back lacked in nutrients and oxygen. The chair reduces the back pain including headaches caused by tension.

Is negativity in a massage chair?

No, the massage chair does not provide any bad effect to the pain patients. But one thing you need to know that if your use comes with wrong instruction, then you might suffer from hazards.

That means, before you use a massage chair, you need to get in touch with manual users.


Lower Back Massager Tool

Lower back massager tools mean massage chair, massage mat or massage gun that keep your lower back healthy and comfortable.

  • On the massage chair, you need to sit regularly and its bits on the muscles to make them free from stiffness in the waist. Even it provides a good blood circulation in the muscle in need of more flexibility.
  • Massage mat is also one of the best massage tools and using it, people can make them healthy. On the massage mat, you need to sit for a certain time and it vibrates on the muscle in need of a good flow of blood circulation.
  • A massage gun is also a massage tool that is most essential for your good health. It throws strokes on the muscle every location of your body. As a result of that, blood passes in the midst of your body without any obstruction. The muscle does not get stiffness. Body comfort and flexibility stays forever.

To get the maximum benefits in your health, some important massage tools are given below. Take a look.


Handheld Back Massager

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The handheld back massager is a very effective massager that gives you massages at any location at your back. It is battery operated and you can do the massages easily and comfortably.

It looks like a long stick and its one end, massage instrument is attached to provide stroke on the muscle.

  • Self Back Massager

The self back massager is one of the most effective massagers that provide massages on your back. It looks like ‘S’ shape. It is self-operated.

  • Car Back Massager

Car back massager is one of the best back massage tools and it is attached to the car seat. Generally, it is beneficial for car drivers.

If you do not have time in your home or office, you can take massages while you are in the car.

  • Portable Lower Back Massager

The portable lower back massager is very important in need of taking massages at any place according to the user. As it is portable, you can carry at any place like office, park or your car.

Just put it at your favorite place and take the massages from the massager.

  • Best Home Back Massager

Home back massager provides you massages when you are in your home. That means you can take massage in need of your health at your sweet home.

In the market, there are lots of home back massagers available. Our experts have suggested some of the massagers that truly provide you best massage benefits.

In that regard, you can get in touch with Snailax Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager, Nursal Back Massager, Resteck Massager for back and Medcursor Shaiatsu Kneading Corded Massager.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the proper way to massage your back?

If you like to so self-massage for your lower back pain, then you can one way mentioned above. In this regard, you can lie down on the floor and put a ball in a place between your back and the floor. Press the ball by your back against the floor and sometimes, just move upwards and downwards.

For your easiness, you can use back massager tools.

  1. How can I massage my back at home?

At your home, you can massage your back by yourself. In this case, you just stand before a wall in your room keeping your back.

Then put a rubber ball between your back and the wall and press the ball by your back.

  1. What is the best type of massage for lower back pain?

The best result in your back pain comes from the best massage. In that needs, you can go for manual massagers or massage tools.

For manual massagers, you do the massage for lower back pain by another person. Just lie down on the floor keeping your backside upward. The person should put massage oil on your back and start the rubbing on your back.

Even you can use massage tools for lower back pain.

  1. Why do massages feel good?

Massages provide good blood circulation in the muscles in each location of your body. As a result of that, muscles become free from stiffness. Even the muscles become active to do work properly.


  1. How do you use a pressure point massager?

In need of using pressure point massager, you should stand and hold your waist by your both hands using your thumbs. Then you need to give a circulation motion for a bit of second.


  1. How long do you hold a pressure point?

When you are in the pressure point, you just circulate your waist in both ways, right and left. For each circulation, you just do the work of circulation 4 to 5 seconds each time.

  1. What is the best back massager?

According to our experts, you can use self back massager tool that looks ‘S’. Even you can use portable back massager that you can use at any place.

  1. What is the best lower back massager?

In the market, there are lots of lower back massagers that demand effective results for your lower back pain. if you want to take the best massager, then you need to search a lot.

After searching, our experts have found out some of the massagers that are certainly beneficial for lower back pain, The massagers are Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat and Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager.

At your convenience, if you like to keep your physical figure healthy, then you should crack down the quarry on how to massage lower back by yourself.

If you think that if this article provides you the right information about self-massage, then just share this one with your nearest one. Your little effort makes me energized to write more articles in need of your good.

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