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is massage therapy safe for pregnant women

Is Massage Therapy Safe For Pregnant Women ?

A baby is a God’s gift and you are already blessed to be expecting one. Congratulations on your pregnancy. But have you been experiencing pregnancy cramps and wondering is massage therapy safe for pregnant women?

Yes, they are safe and in fact, prenatal massage considerably relieves your pregnancy stress and labour pains. Such massage is cautiously designed keeping in mind the pregnancy factor.

Prenatal massages have been trending among the would-be mamas of this generation and it’s quite natural since you want to give your body some relaxation during this phase.


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What is Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage, as the name suggests, refers to the massage while having a baby bump. Quite light in nature with tender pressure being applied to body-muscles, pregnancy massage benefits you by reducing back-aches, increase blood & fluid circulation, and many more.

Focusing mainly on lymphatic movements & blood-flow, the usage of aromatic oils along with a Swedish technique is what this therapy mainly comprises of.

Try not to extend the massage for more than an hour.


Is Massage Therapy Safe For Pregnant Women?

You well-wishers must have been advising you to opt for a pregnancy massage therapy, but you might still be in the dilemma thinking is it safe to get a massage while pregnant. Of course, it is safe and is very much recommend for the modern-day mothers who are too busy with their lives and get less scope to exercise properly.

I know it’s not an easy decision but once you possess the right knowledge about the therapy, your choice will be easier.

Pregnancy often loosens your core by intruding pressure in the lower portion of the body due to the weight of the foetus and to make things tougher woman often witness nerve pains during this phase. Prenatal massage can be an absolute pleasure during this period helping the pregnant woman to keep relaxed.


Is prenatal massage necessary?

Although this has become a trend now, prenatal massage does hold some health benefits which make them quite necessary during the pregnancy phase of a woman.

Massages, in general, provides muscular relaxations, also serving as stress relievers. Now, prenatal massages are special and have the benefits of providing a pregnant mother relief from muscle cramps, joint pains, neck & shoulder pains and most importantly leg pains which is mostly witnessed.


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What is the difference between a prenatal massage and a regular massage?

Traditional therapeutic massages are meant for reliving your muscular tension and relaxation your physique and mind through an enhanced circulation of blood and increased oxygen intake.

However, pregnancy massage differs a lot in this aspect. The first rule to remember is that you can never risk lying down on your stomach while taking massage during pregnancy. Similarly, no lying on the back once you have completed 4 months of pregnancy.

The pressure applied to massage a pregnant mother is usually gentle and few pressure points are also avoided. Applying too much pressure on the deep layers of the muscles can make things difficult since you might be at risk of developing clots, so tenderness is the main element here.

Remember to choose your massage therapist wisely and only opt for trained professionals since you would never want to risk your life along with that of your conceived baby.


Various Health Advantages of Massage During Pregnancy

The health benefits attained from a prenatal massage is immense and it truly has the capability to regulate your mood swings which are quite natural during this during the phase.

Let us go through some health benefits that you can get from a pregnancy massage.

  • Relieves pain

Pregnancy often causes pain due to sudden changes in the process of fluid circulations, hormonal flows and nerve pressures.

When you conceive a baby within your womb, a lot of circulation and fluid exchange also happens within you and the foetus resulting in slow lymphatic movements causing body pains. Since medicinal consumption is very restricted during this phase, massages can really help.


  • Lessens Swelling

Often it is noticed among pregnant mothers that they tend to have swelling of their joints. This is undoubtedly painful. You want to get relieved of the pain from the inflamed joints.

Such therapies can help the fluid accumulation to pass, thereby making you feel better.


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  • Gifting you a sound sleep

Good rest and sound sleep is something which you need the most to keep your health alright and also to give birth to a healthy baby.

While you conceive, the stress due to pregnancy makes you often feel insomniac and that’s where this therapy comes into play, relaxing your nervous system to quality sleep.

  • Controlling mood swings

Being pregnant with a baby is a lovely feeling, but the above-mentioned stress and aches make your mood often turn bitter. Hormones flow in an unfamiliar fashion making you have constant mood swings.

Prenatal massage provides relaxation to your body muscles and also helps to the bodily fluids properly making you feel better.

  • Pregnancy preparation

Labour pain is something every pregnant woman has to bear. It is really a tough deal if you have muscles stiffness.

Pregnancy massages constantly flex your muscles and keep them toned. Relaxed muscles along with lower stress levels make you deliver easily and healthily.

Since you now know the benefits of the massage, I hope you are also clear with your query – is massage therapy safe for pregnant women.


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Prenatal massage do’s and don’t

Now that you are clear on your query – is prenatal massage safe, and that you also know regarding its benefits, you must be eager to keep a note of the concerns surrounding it and the things that need to be done.

Let me guide you through this now.


  • Choose a certified therapist with good experience and proper equipment
  • Discuss your lifestyle and health condition with your therapist before you start.
  • Only use light and soothing oils for massage.
  • Use bolsters for better support of your baby bump during massage sessions.
  • Track your pregnancy progress and consult with your therapist regarding when to stop the sessions.


  • Do not opt for a prenatal massage during your 1st trimester.
  • No lying head’s down, it should always be sideways.
  • Avoid any kind of deep tissue massage or any massage to your belly.
  • If you have a medical condition like high blood pressure or high-risk pregnancy, avoid getting a massage.
  • Avoid massages if you are having nausea or light-headedness.

Having a healthy mind and body is very essential towards giving birth to a healthy child and a proper prenatal massage will surely benefit you.


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Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in the life of every woman. The journey that a woman goes through during this period is an incredible example of how strong women can be.

Since you have now gained good knowledge about pregnancy massage, convey the same message to other women whom you know and who are planning for a baby regarding their query – is massage therapy safe for pregnant women.

A tip for you – Keep yourself nicely hydrated during pregnancy and especially while you start taking prenatal massage sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Is it safe to get a massage while pregnant?

Yes, it is, provided you choose a well-qualified trainer for the purpose of having good knowledge about the kind of message.


  • Can you use a massage pad while pregnant?

In case of immense neck and shoulder pain, you are advised to use a massage pad which you can do. But do not indulge in prolonged usage.


  • Can a pregnant woman get a deep tissue massage?

A pregnant woman should not get a deep tissue massage since putting extra pressure on the muscles at this point of time has the risk of clot formation in the blood due to its irregular movement.


  • Can I lay on my stomach for a massage while pregnant?

You should not lay on your stomach while you are pregame unless your trainer is equipped with a specially-abled table for the purpose.


  • Is it OK to use a vibrating back massage when pregnant?

You can use a vibrating back massage with proper research. Some manufacturers list their products as unsafe during pregnancy as they can cause premature labour.


  • When can you get a prenatal massage?

You can start getting your prenatal massage soon after your first trimester. Before that, you should not try this to avoid any complications during labour.


  • What can I expect from a prenatal massage?

Prenatal massages have a lot of health benefits, some crucial being – good sound sleep, relaxed body and mind, – reduced joint pains and swelling, better blood & lymphatic flow.


  • Why put a pillow between your legs when pregnant?

Yes, you can certainly put a pillow between your legs. It will make you feel comfortable by removing muscular stress.


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