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Top 10 Type Of Massage Device For You | Everyone Should Know This

After sitting and working for 6 hours at a stretch, have you hoped for someone to come and press your shoulders ? A lot of us fail to realize that it is as important to take care of your health as it is to work hard. You shouldn’t ignore the need for pressing your shoulders. There are so many type of massage device in the market that can do the job of a human’s hands and rejuvenate you for the next day.

# Types Of Massage Device Listed For You:

  1. Shiatsu Massage Cushion
  2. Shiatsu Massaging Seat
  3. Deep Tissue Heat Massagers
  4. Reflexology Foot Massager
  5. Leg & Foot Compression Massager
  6. Head and Eye Massagers
  7. Percussion Massage Chairs
  8. Massage Mats
  9. Handheld Massage Devices

Depending on our day to day activities, we all need a massage at some or the other part of the body. There are several techniques of giving a massage. Since time is short to visit a masseuse, you can buy electronic massagers designed according to technique for specific organs of your body.

So, let’s take a look at the techniques of massage that you can get in various type of massage device.

# Different Types of Massage Therapy Techniques:


  1. Shiatsu Massage Technique:

    It is a Japanese style of releasing tension and strain in the muscles to relax the body. Available in hand-held mechanical devices and massage chairs, it is an excellent technique to relax your muscles and tissues, enhance blood circulation and release toxins. The massage devices have hard and flat rolling nodes that rotate in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to release pain. Massage devices using this technique are available for back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet.

  2. Swedish Massage Technique:

    It is a more relaxing way of giving a massage with lesser force and energy. Swedish massage devices work on your nerves, immensely calming the central nervous system. You get back and leg massaging devices in this technique. They consist of soft rollers that move vertically along your body.

  3. Percussion Massage Technique:

    This stimulates the skin and penetrates deep within to relax the bones, muscles, arteries, veins and nerves. It cures several problems such as congestion of mucus in the lungs, muscle problems and blood circulation problems. You get these massagers in various shapes and sizes. They have hard nodes covered by soft rubber. The speed and intensity can be adjusted according to your need and strength. Percussion massage chairs are the most common devices available in the technique, the details of which are given below. You can use it on every organ except your head.

  4. Vibration Massage Technique:

    Most electronic devices have vibrational massage. As the name suggests, it transmits or produces vibrations in your body that can release stiffness of muscles, tissue scars, tension of nerves and proper blood flow. The speed and intensity of vibration can be measured by pulse rate and is adjustable. You can give a vibrational massage to any organ of your body, only the intensity should be lesser in the sensitive organs.

  5. Compression Massage Technique:

    It involves pressing and stretching of muscles to improve blood circulation in the body. The technique is commonly used by leg and foot massagers that use air compression to soothe the nerves, press pressure points and reduce swelling.

  6. Deep Tissue Massage:

    This technique involves penetrating deeper into the muscles by applying harder pressure in low speed. It heals any injury in the muscles or tissues. There are available many handheld devices that offer a deep tissue massage.

  7. Sports Massage:

    Designed especially for sportsmen, this technique not only heals an injury or pain but makes the muscles and joints strong enough to prevent injuries.

  8. Trigger Point Massage:

    This too involves putting pressure on stiff, strained and injured muscles and nerves.

  9. Indian Head Massage:

    This technique involves massage over the head, face, neck and shoulders. There are many head massage devices that work upon the trigger points or chakras on around the head to stimulate the nervous system and make you feel calm. There are massage devices designed for giving a massage on delicate areas such as your eyes and face.

  10. Kneading Massage:

    It involves alternately squeezing and compressing the tissues under the bones. It stimulates blood circulation, energizes all the organs, heals scars, swellings and injuries and detoxifies the body.

  11. Acupressure:

    Your body has several points called acupoints that can heal headaches, joint pains and other problems on application of pressure. You have many massage chairs that press pressure points on your back and give relief.

  12. Reflexology:

    Your feet are connected to every organ of your body. There are electronic foot massagers with a user guide which have the concept of reflexology. By pressing or vibrating every point on your foot, it heals muscle pain, joint aches, headache, digestive problems, circulation problems, stress and injuries.

# Electrical Massage Devices:


A massage device is a tool that does the work of a therapist. Run by batteries or electricity, they contain rollers that move along the body to relieve strained muscles and nerves. They also use other techniques such as heating, compression and vibration to give an efficient massage. Different massage devices are designed for various parts of the body. Following are the body parts focused by an electrical massage device:

  • Feet
  • Legs
  • Knees
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Neck and Shoulders
  • Head
  • Eyes and Face

# Massage Devices:


  1. Shiatsu Massage Cushion:

    Compact, light, portable and adjustable; this massage cushion uses the Shiatsu massage technique to massage your back, shoulders, neck or legs depending on where you wish to place it.

  2. Shiatsu Massaging Seat:

    It is an adjustable seat that can be placed on your chair or sofa. Following the principles of Shiatsu Massage, the seat has rollers moving along your spine. You can enjoy the benefit of getting a massage on your study chair or living room sofa.

  3. Deep Tissue Heat Massagers:

    Some neck and shoulder massagers provide a strong, deep tissue massage to heal muscles and also provide with heat to calm the nerves. The nodes present in the device penetrate deep to release strain, stiffness and pain of muscles. In the process, they get heated which makes the process smoother as the heat is absorbed by the body.

  4. Reflexology Foot Massager:

    Based on the theory of reflexology, these foot massagers come with a user guide. You can adjust the speed and intensity of massage. It has various massage modes which can be controlled by the user. You can choose to massage the sole or ankles according to your requirement. Many of them come with a remote control for the user’s convenience.

  5. Leg & Foot Compression Massager :

    Using air compression, these massagers press your legs and feet. Compression foot massagers are one of the most commonly used massage devices that press the sides your feet using compression and vibration. It also massages the ankles and heels, deeply relaxing them. Leg compression massagers look like a wrap-around but once you turn it on, it applies force on your leg muscles which also improves blood circulation.

  6. Head and Eye Massagers:

    Using the Indian Head Massage technique, they are designed to soothe your scalp without causing any pain in the delicate areas. It produces heat which soothes the brain. These devices cure migraine, reduce hair loss and release stress.

  7. Percussion Massage Chairs:

    They are available in many sizes. They provide massage to your entire back from the top to the bottom. They can be placed on your sofa, armchair or study chair at your convenience. A Larger massage chair comes with leg and foot massagers attached. It is a separate chair in itself that can be installed at your convenience.

  8. Massage Mats:

    Massage mats come with percussion as well as vibrational massage techniques that can be spread on the floor to give you a full body massage at once. However, if you are using a percussion massage mat, make sure you don’t place your head on it as it may be too hard for it.

  9. Handheld Massage Devices:

    These are small devices that can be held by your hand and moved around the area of the body that requires massage. Usually, they are better to use if you have an injury or joint problem. Kneading and deep tissue massagers are usually handheld devices that heal injuries, scars, joint pain and muscle pain.

Whether you are facing a serious problem or you need a massage only to distress yourself, you can always have a massage device at home to save you the trouble of taking an appointment of a masseuse. It is advisable to consult a doctor before you use a device for healing an injury or use it on a sensitive area. You have a device designed for every problem and every organ of your body.

So which massage device would you like to try?


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