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what to do after a deep tissue massage

What to do After a Deep Tissue Massage ?

Why do you think you need to know what to do after a deep tissue massage? Deep tissue massage works scientifically, not by magic. Since it is strong and rather risky, you should know what to expect after a deep tissue massage.

After deep tissue massage, you might feel sick or pain in some of your muscles. Don’t worry, these side effects can be avoided or treated. You’ll just have to read below on what you should and what you shouldn’t do after your massage.

If you know of the basic concept about massage, you’ll know regular massage benefits both body and mind.

Now when I say regular, it means at regular intervals, not every day!

Once you’re done with it, you need to ensure you reap the maximum benefit out of it. Let’s see what you should and what you shouldn’t do after a massage.

Again, It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of all the body massage tools that are used for body massage.


»» What to do After a Deep Tissue Massage: Precautionary Tips

deep muscle massage information


Example Of Some Deep Tissue Massage Tools: Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage GunTYMO WHITE WHALE Handheld Massager

Deep massage works on the innermost layers of your muscles, breaking tight knots and scar tissues. If you know what happens during a deep tissue massage, you’ll be able to understand better how you should take care of afterwards.


So, let’s see what should be done after the massage to avoid side effects:

  • Just Remain in Your Position for Some Time: Give your mind and body time to absorb its condition. When you choose to get up, make sure you do so very gently and carefully as your muscles have just opened up. They’re a bit tender right now, so if you give a jerk, they might just start aching.
  • Drink Lots and Lots of Water: Usually, you will feel a bit thirsty. Even if you don’t it is a must. When the massage takes place, knots are broken which releases the toxins trapped within. These toxins are flushed out by drinking water. Moreover, heat generated in the body can cause inflammation, which can be prevented just by a glass of water!
  • Have a Bath: Your body needs water internally and externally to remain hydrated. A bath with added Epsom salts or essential oils can really enhance the relaxation. You can avoid any soreness that might take place after so much work has been done on your muscles.
  • Get a Snack: You might even feel hungry just after massage. Don’t get a very heavy meal or anything junk. Intake of vitamins and minerals will surely restore nutrients in the body.
  • Just Take a Chill Pill: You’ve just got one of the best massages for stress relief and relaxation. There’s no point in getting one if your worries start all over again! Turn on some light music, lie down and just relax. Forget your worries and just feel the moment.what should be done after massage to avoid side effects


»» How Long Should You Rest After a Deep Tissue Massage?


Well, you shouldn’t indulge in heavy physical activity for 24 hours. You can stretch a bit, walk here and there or go for a light swim may be. That enhances the work done upon the muscles.

Once you’ve eaten something, you can doze off if you’re drowsy. Once you wake up, try not stressing yourself too much for one day. Take it easy, you’ll have a good day at work.

How Long Should You Rest After a Deep Tissue Massage

»» What to Avoid After a Deep Tissue Massage?


So, I told you what to do and how long you need to be in the chill zone after your massage. Now let me clarify what you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t Drink Cold Water: Water works wonders, but cold water has its own side effects due to the temperature. It will tighten up the muscles you just healed, leading to cramps or spasms. So, the water you drink has to be room temperature or warm.
  • Say No to Alcohol: Were you thinking of relaxing with a chilled beer or a cup of wine? Well, this isn’t the time. Avoid alcohol at least for 24 hours. You’ve just calmed yourself and purified our blood. Alcohol will just get you really high again and fill up new toxins.
  • Avoid Caffeine: No coffee or any other caffeine rich drinks please. Caffeine simply reverses the effects of deep muscle massage. It will dehydrate you and strain your muscles again.
  • No Running Around: Not only have you just got immense relaxation; you’ve got rid of knots on your muscles. You’re in a delicate state for some time when you’ve just got a really strong massage. So, no strenuous exercising, running, dancing or rushing here and there.

 Avoid alcohol

»» What to Expect After a Deep Tissue Massage: Side Effects


You probably have a brief idea about the side effects by now. So, I can elaborate a bit on the after effects of deep tissue massage without discouraging you to go for it:

  • Muscle Pain and Soreness: It happens because your muscles have just been worked upon. Since so much force has been used upon you, it might have hurt you. The heat generated in the body can lead to inflammation, also causing pain. Here’s where a bottle of water and a bath tub filled with salts can help you out. I’ve mentioned more about the healing below.
  • Feel Sick: You might feel a bit dizzy or nausea after the massage since some trapped toxins have been released. Again, it’s the bottle of water that helps. If you know what to do before a deep tissue massage, you won’t eat before it, because you might just end up throwing up.
  • Bruising: That’s a bit different from soreness of muscles. If your therapist isn’t qualified enough, or probably there’s a communication gap between the two of you, the excess pressure could lead to this. The best way to avoid this is self-massage. There are so many devices available in the market for doing so. The best deep tissue massage machine comes with quality certification, flexible features, the appropriate price and a customer rating above 4 stars.
  • Headache: Oh yes, that’s a possibility. Don’t worry, it’s only because of the way you lie down on your stomach for getting your massage and the rush of blood flow towards your back muscles. Here I’ll say, drinking water isn’t just a post-massage precaution, you got to have some before and during the session too. The best way to avoid it is self-massage.
    If you are using a deep tissue massage belt, you could be getting a massage seated normally!

Best Massage Belt Brands:  Comfier Heating Pad for Back Pain


What to Expect After a Deep Tissue Massage

»» How to Relieve Pain After Massage ?


Hydrating is only a means of avoiding pain. If it’s your first time, it might not be enough. In that case, you need a cold pack or ice. Just apply it on the area which is in pain for some time. Once you feel better, you can relax in the bath tub for a while.

Just follow the simple steps to understand how to reduce pain:

  • Once the massage is over, stay still and observe if you’re feeling any pain.
  • Ask your masseuse to apply ice or cold pack in the area where you’re feeling pain.
  • Once she says it’s done, gently get up and take some water.
  • If you think a bit of stretching can help, only then do so. Or else don’t.
  • Go to the loo, you’ll mostly have the need to.
  • Fill the bath tub with warm or room temperature water. You may choose to add salts or scented oil to it.
  • Turn on some soft music if possible and get in.

In case you’ve been using a self-massage machine or tool, the chances of feeling pain might be lesser. But the above steps will still apply. In that case, keep a cold pack ready next to you as you’ll have to use it by yourself.


»» What Can You Do if After Deep Tissue Massage You Feel Sick ?


Well, if you’re feeling sick, just have some water and lie down again. You might feel like vomiting or going to the loo. Don’t avoid that. Without giving yourself a jerk or rush, just go to the bathroom.

Once you’re done, you’ll feel better. Have some water again and rest for some time. When you feel better, you can eat something light. Don’t force it on yourself if you’re not hungry. Just sleep. You should be fine the next morning.


»» Some More Tips to Get the Best Out of a Massage


The feeling of a deep tissue massage is so brilliant, that you won’t be satisfied with just one. Why keep the stress-free condition only for 24 hours ?

What if I tell you, that you can feel the lightness EVERYDAY ?

Well, you need massage from time to time. Once you get used to getting massages every month or week, depending on your need, life might change for you. Let’s see the best way to manage that.

  • Buy yourself a self-massage tool or device: It will help you make sessions more regular, convenient, flexible and economical.
    Example of self-massage tools:  MaxKare Massage Gun
  • Turn on some music: The spas usually play it, if you’re doing it at home, you can turn on one of those tracks too. It will just give you the same luxurious experience in your own bedroom.
  • Loosen up: If you keep your muscles tight, straight and inattention, deep massage won’t work. It might just lead to more pain. So, make sure you’re totally relaxed and at ease.
  • Breathe: Again, don’t be nervous about facing pain or anything. Just breathe in and breathe out deeply.
  • Feel free to doze off: You’ll feel sleepy while the massage is going on. If you’re getting it done by someone or using a device with automatic shut off, don’t be afraid to sleep.
  • Ensure you’re regular with your sessions: If you are only enjoying a strong massage for relaxation, do it once or twice a month. If you have a stressful life and back pain due to long working hours, do it once or twice in 2 weeks. If you’re an athlete or gym freak, do it once or twice a week.

regular massage

Now how would you choose a self-massage device if that option was appealing to you ?



If you know how to handle it, deep massage can be a great experience. You just need to let it happen to you. Trust me, you’ll be in another world when it’s happening.

You can imagine that after a long, tiring and stressful day at work, what would it feel like to get a massage while you’re still on your way back home. After all, it’s not just the desk that keeps you seated and stiff, it’s the long way back home too.

A massage seat or cushion can really make that possible for you. After all, who’s going to make bookings at the spa every two weeks?

Even if you like it there, it’s more practical to go there once in a while, not every month.

Isn’t it?

The busy world has come up with DIY techniques for everything. Now it applies to health care too. Yes, a bit of your doctor’s guidance is required to be safe, but you can still do it independently.

What can be a better way to take care of yourself than a deep relaxation?


self massage tools

»» Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is tissue massage?

A. Tissue massage involves going into the deeper layers of your muscles and healing the connective tissues. It breaks down knots, adhesion and scar tissues, thus curing stiffness, pain and injuries. It also leads to immense relaxation, detoxification and overall fitness.

2. Why am I so tired after a massage?

A. You’re tired after a massage because a lot of muscles have been worked upon. The muscles are stretched and loosened, blood rushes to the empty space created after breaking of knots, your body gets detoxified and hormonal changes take place. This will make you feel tired.

3. Why do I feel worse after a massage?

A. Everything has its pros and cons, including massage. You could be feeling dizzy or be in pain after a strong massage because of the work done upon your muscles. This is just a matter of a few hours. That feeling goes by following the tips mentioned above.

4. What happens if you don’t drink water after a massage?

A. A lot can happen if you don’t drink water. You’ll feel dehydrated and dizzy. Your muscles might start aching due to inflammation. Water cools down the system, flushes out toxins and gives you relief.

So, don’t think it’s OK if you don’t have any. Your side effects will simply increase by not having water.

5. Do toxins leave your body after massage?

A. Yes, but you’ll need a glass of water for that. When muscle knots break, toxins are released in the body. A glass of water will flush them out, so they leave your body in the form of sweat, urine or sometimes even vomit. Your body will feel lighter once you’re rid of them.

6. Should you walk after a massage?

A. A little bit of walking will do no harm. It shouldn’t be like a morning walk though. It is only meant to be a little stroll here and there, maybe to grab a bite or get some fresh air. It should be a relaxing experience, not an exercise.

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  1. I want to get a nice massage to relax myself. It makes sense that I would want to drink plenty of water afterward! That way, I can ensure that any toxins are properly washed out.

  2. It’s good to know that you should drink a lot of water after you get a deep tissue massage. My wife is looking to get her first deep tissue massage. I’ll let her know that she should drink lots of water after she is done.

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